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List of nick names for each 2NE1 member by KBlackjacks

since it's so quiet, i wanted to share this fun and interesting list of nicknames of each girls.


개간지채린 Gaegan Chaerin
This is a degrading cute nickname.

계왕신 Gyewangshin

During 'Fire' promotions, her hairstyle reminded Blackjacks of this Dragon Ball Z character.

국민똘끼 Gookmin Ddolggi
This means she is the symbol for the nation (gookmin).

꼬꼬채린 GgoGgoChaeRin
Again, 'Fire' hairstyle = chicken hair. Kind of like 'Chicken Chaerin'.

끼니채린 Ggini Chaerin
From a pirate video where she asked the staff members, "Have you eaten?".

나채 NaChae (Bad CL)

'Na' is from 'nabbeun' which means 'bad' and 'Chae' is from 'Chaerin'.

닭채린 DakChaerin (Chicken Chaerin)
Refer to "GgoggoChaerin".

똑채 DdokChae (Smart CL)

똘채 DdolChae
Saying she has 'Ddol ggi' which is like innate talent, in a way.

변태씨엘 Byuntae CL (Pervert CL)

During 2NE1tv, Dara called her by this nickname because she did perverted, silly things.

뱅채린 Bang Chaerin

When she has the 'bangs' hairstyle.

본능씨엘 Bonneung CL
'Bonneung' is instinct. They are saying that CL follows her instincts.

붓다우사기 Botda Oosagi (Pig Rabbit)
Japanese for 'Pig Rabbit'. Her Japanese elementary school friends said she looked like a chubby rabbit.

삐에르 Bbiereu
'Pierro' (bbiero) is what Koreans call clowns, so they changed it to Bbiereu' as a nickname. It's for when she's acting like a clown.

삐삐채린 BbiBbi Chaerin
How, in 2NE1tv, when she wore two braids she looked like Pipi Longstocking.

사캐채린 Sake Chaerin
Saying she is a fraud or cheater, as a joke.

씨에루 CLroo

앀엘 Chic-Elle
When CL is being chic

CL바이크 CL Bike
Refering to CL riding the motorcycle in the space version of 'Fire'.

아가린 Baby Rin

안방채린 Anbang Chaerin

In the 'Fire' performances she would lie down as if she was in the master bedroom, which is 'anbang'

엘리다 L-leader
The 'L' from CL combined with 'leader'.

완벽채린 Wanbyuck Chaerin
'Wanbyuck' means perfect. They are saying her dancing, rapping and singing is all perfect.

채란말이 Chaeran Malee
Wordplay of 'gayran malee' which means 'eggroll' Because she likes eggrolls. Refering to the 'I Don't Care' photoshoot when Bom went to pick up food for the members and bought eggrolls for CL.

채멜레온 Chaemeleon
She changes a lot. (ie. at home and on stage)

채봉이 Chae Bongee

On 7/8/09 she posted a pic on her m2day with a wig on and people said Chaebongee was her 'older brother'.

카드캡터채린 Card Captor Chaerin
On 2NE1tv it shows that fans made her many placards.

퀸리더 Queen Leader

탐탐이친엄마 TamTam's Real Mom
On 2NE1tv it is revealed that Dara's child is TamTam and CL is the real mom. She gave it to Dara in 2008.

테디바라기 Teddy Baragee

Because she loves Teddy and there was a picture of her hugging her 'Teddy' bear.

판타스틱씨엘 Fantastic CL
Because she always shows us a fantastic view.

푸둥이 Poodoongee

Harin (her sister) gave her this nickname. It is unknown what it means to the hardcore Blackjacks.

허당채린 Hudang Chaerin
She is perfect, but sometimes does silly things (hudang).

호통채린 Hotong Chaerin
When she raps, it seems like she is yelling (hotong).

흑채 Heuk Chae

'Heuk' means ground, and she was given this nickname when her hair was black.


가르마봄 Gareuma Bom
Because she always touches her hair.

괜찮은가봄 Gawenchaneunga Bom
On a radio show she was asked her ideal type and she said Jang Dong Gun is gawenchana (ok). In reality, her ideal type is Jay-Z.

넋두리봄 Nukdoori Bom
When she didn't go to practice and she had the camera and was like "I didn't know...I didn't know..."

도박봄 Dobak Bom

In the Space version of 'Fire' she was with the cards like a gambler (dobak)

돈터치마이봄 Don't Touch My Bom
Her infamous phrase from 2NE1tv

돗자리봄 Dootjari Bom
She said if the time has 3 digits then something good would happen and then she talked about getting 1st on Inkigayo.

뒷태봄 Back Side Bom

Many pictures of her are from the back

득음봄 Deukeum Bom
This is about singing and her voice how it is like spring songbirds.
*Other variations include: Park Deukeum, Park Myungchang

멍봄 Mung Bom
The blank stare of Bom.

모니타봄 Monitor Bom

During 2NE1tv it shows that she monitors all the performances to make sure nothing is bad.

목봄 MokBom
Mok = neck. This is about her amazing voice.

몽유병봄 Mong You Byung Bom
This is when Bom puts her hands on the video deck because Sandara Park is afraid.

배반의봄 Baeban Eh Bom (Betrayal Bom)

She alone did a pretty face.

봄날 Bom Nal
A day about Park Bom. Nal = Day

봄냥꾼 Bom Nang Ggun
On 2NE1tv, when Dara said she was a bunny, Bom said "I'm a sanyanggun." Sanyanggoon = hunter.

봄내음 Bom Nae Eum
This is about her sense of smell.

봄너스 Bomnus
Bom + Venus. Venus is the Roman goddess of love and beauty. (Aphrodite in Greek)

봄느님 Bomnenim
Haneunim = God

봄봄 BomBom
Said as a cute nickname

봄다도시 Bom Da Doshi/Bom-da Daussy
When she copies Ida Daussy
*Ida Daussy is a French born Korean entertainer.

봄욘세 Bomyonce
Play on 'Beyonce'. Came about from her admiration of Beyonce and how she would like be an entertainer like her.

봄토리 Bomtori

'Hamtori' is what Koreans call 'Hamtaro'

빵봄 Bbang Bom
Bbang = Bread

뽀미언니 Bbomi Unnie

스티치봄 Stitch Bom

식신봄 Shik Shin Bom
For when she's eating.

19층의 타올여신 19th Floor Going Up Goddess
When 2NE1 debuted, she got on the "elevator" at floor 19.

어택봄 Attack Bom
In the Fire MV BTS, when CL was talking, Bom says "Attack!"

엄마봄 Umma Bom (Mom Bom)
She is like a mom when she buys her members food and looks after them.

영춘 Young Choon (Young Spring)
Choon is another word for spring which "Bom" also means.

에로봄 Error Bom
One of her straps came undone during an Inkigayo performance.

오디션세번봄 Audition 3 Times Bom
Because she auditioned for YG three times before making it.

올킬봄 All Kill Bom
Her solo <You & I> topped all the charts.

옹알봄 Ong Al Bom
Because sometimes she talks like a child.

찔찔봄 Jjil Jjil Bom
'Jjil Jjil' is an expression for crying. Originated from when Bom shed tears when she was on the plane leaving America.

춘여사 Choon Yusa
One of the most popular nicknames. Choon also means spring and is the hanja symbol for 'Bom'. 'Yusa' is for when she is like an ajumma. Opposite of her nickname 'Young Choon'.

8차원 Pal Cha Won (8D)
Referring to her 8D personality.

허벅봄 Hubuck Bom (Thigh Bom)
Referring to her amazing legs and thighs.

허춘 Huh Choon

For a Bom with a profound expression

협박봄 Blackmail Bom
From her part in 'Fire' where she says, 'But there's nothing I lost'

회오리봄 Hwae Ori Bom
In the first episode of 2NE1tv, CL drew a card while she was playing the Bangs board game and Bom did a dance.


공공파우 Gong Gong Pow
From her 'Boom Boom Pow' performance.

공그루브 Gong Groove

공낼름 Gong Naerum
In the street version of 'Fire' when she sings, "Follow, follow me", they say she looks like 'Naerumee' which is the Pokemon Lickitung.

공느님 Gong Neunim
Because she dances so well. 'Haneunim' is god.

공대관 Gong Daegwan
Song Daegwan is a famous trot singer.

공덥썩 Gong Dussuk

When she hit Dara as a joke. 'Dussuk' is kind of hard to explain, but it's kind of like the sound hitting makes.

공뒷태 Gong Dweet Tae
When Minji is talking and she mentions swooning.

공막내 Gong Maknae
Because she is the youngest in 2NE1. Maknae=youngest.

공머신 Gong Machine
Saying her dancing is like a machine.

공뮬란 Gong Mulan
Because she resembles Mulan.

공민짓 Gong Minjit
'Jit' is an action. It means something Minji would do. (ie. being quiet and suddenly have aegyo and eyesmiling.)

공브렐라 Gongbrella (Gong Umbrella)
From when they sang 'Umbrella' live.

공사캐 Gong Sake
A name for her when she is undefeatable.

공새침 Gong Sae Chim
On a radio show she said "I would never do that".

공아가 Gong Baby
On stage she gives an amazing performance, but everywhere else she is a normal 16 year old.

공아부지 Father Gong
Minji would run to the end of jail.

공아지 Gong Aji
'Gang a ji' means dog.

공앙쥐 Gong A Jwee
She said to Dara, "You are YG (waeejwee) and I am Saengangjwee (rat)."

공앙탈 Gong Ang Tal
When she whined about Dara trying to take over the maknae position.

공양이 Gong Yangi
Play on 'Goyangi' which means cat.

공애교 Gong Aegyo
A nickname made for when she is like a dad and then she has aegyo.

공장군 Gong Jangoon
Jangoon is a military general. It was given because of her young age, yet amazing voice.

공짱구 Gong Jjanggoo
Due to her Jjanggoo impersonations.

공쪽쪽 Gong Jjok Jjok (Gong Kiss Kiss)

'Jjok' is like the sound you make when you kiss someone.

공찰랑 Gong Challang
Refering to the way she shook her hair in the street version of 'Fire'.

공펌핑 Gong Pumping
From her chest pumping in the street version of 'Fire'.

공포스 Gong Pose
Because she poses so well.

공플레이어 Gong Player
Like 'Gom player', the video software

공한나 Gong Hanna
Saying her voice is like Rihanna's.

공헐크 Gong Hulk

From the Space version of 'Fire' with her Hulk fist.

공해탈 Gong Haetal

When she was talking about how YG called her 'Female Daesung'

꽁민디 Gong Mindi
A cute way to call Minji's name.

꽁민-끼 Ggong Minggi
Because she's from the country side, this is how you would pronounce her name with the 'Satoori' accent.

도발민지 Dobal Minji
Her provcative dancing gave her this name.

떡민지 Dduk Minji
Because her raps have a sticky-ish feel to them, like dduk (rice cake).

말민지 Mal Minji
Refering to her healthy body and how she likes running

멍민지 Mung Minji
Mung = blank stare

묵민지 Mok Minji
This girl has a powerful voice that has a unique scent that everyone can feel.

싴민지 Chic Minji

Kong (Bean)
'Kong' is how some people spell 'Gong'

콩러스 Kong Rus
Play on 'Chorus'


가짜막내 Gacha Maknae (Fake Maknae)

김밥다라 Kimbap Dara (Sushi Dara)

Because of her hairstyle, the palm tree one, it can also look like a roll of kimbap.

곰탕다라 Oxtail Soup Dara
She said this was a test for a Filipino show.

깨방정 Ggae Bang Jung
On a radio show someone named her this. She now sometimes introduces herself like this, its a very famous nickname.

눈웃음와방횰 Noon Ooseum Wa Bang Hyol (Amazing Smiley Eyes Hyol)
On Family Outing, Dara explained that she was in Hyori's fancafe when she was younger, and 'Amazing Smiley Eyes Hyol' was her username.

다라다라 밝은 다라 Dara Dara Balgeun Dara (Dara Dara Bright Dara)

How she sometimes introduces herself. Wordplay on 'Dal' because it means moon. It's supposed to be 'Moon, moon bright moon'.

다라리포타 (Dara Reporter)
Because of her infamous pink mic

다라화백 Dara Hwabaek (Dara Artist)
Saying how she would draw things and post on her me2day.

Dal (Moon)
Play on words because if you call her 'Dal' you say 'Dal-ah' which sounds like 'Dara'

동안다라 Dongan Dara
Talking about her skin and how good it is.

벼랑끝에선다라 Dara who stands at the end with rice

During FO, she had that 3 selca set, and that's the third one she did
Word play because 'Dal' means moon. It's supposed to be 'Moon moon bright moon'

병든 병아리 Byung Deun Byungaree (Sick Chick)
She looks sick here

4차원다라 Sachawon (4D)
She shows 4 types of herself. Teddy started this nickname.

산드라박 Sandra Park
Instead of "Sandara Park" Missing the "다"

산작가 San Jacka

'Jacka' is director. This is how she is a director on the picture she posted.

상큼한 보컬 Fresh Vocal

세균아줌마 Saegwoon Ajumma
This was revealed on 2NE1tv randomly.

14분 체력 14 Minute Ability

She got tired of exercising after 14 minutes

싼다라 Ssandara Park

싼타조박 Ssantajobak
6/12/09 performance she looked like an ostrich (tajo)

싼토끼 Ssantokki (Mountain Rabbit)
Sandara + rabbit

야자수박 Palm Tree
Refering to her hair during the 'Lollipop' CF

이런여자 This Kind of Girl
During the BTS of 'Fire' that was how she first introduced herself.

전다라박 JunDara Park

In Family Outing she made kimchi pancakes (Kimchi jun)

큰눈 Keunnoon
Keun= big Noona=older sister

필리핀의보아 Philippine's BoA

핫도그다라 Hot Dog Dara

Due to the costume CL bought for her from her trip to Japan as seen in 2NE1tv.

혀다라 Hyu Dara (Tongue Dara)
In performances she did the tongue rolling thing. Explained in the 2NE1 episode of Strong Heart.

홍보부장 Hongbo Bujang
How she is like a manager and on her me2day she posts news about 2NE1.

Source: DC2NE1
Translated by: 21kristine + Agent Waffles @ http://ygsecret21.com/forums
Credit if removing please (:
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